Submission Guidelines

We are very happy to accept our readers’ stories. In doing so, there are specific guidelines that must be followed in order for us to consider your submission for publication.


Submission Period and Response Times

• We accept story submissions year-round.

• There is no limit on how many stories an individual may submit. However, we kindly ask that you please submit only one story at a time and wait for a response before sending the next story.

• We do not accept simultaneous submissions. Please don’t submit your story to someone else while it’s currently on submission to us.

• Our response time generally takes between 7–10 business days after the date of submission.

• If you have submitted a story and have not heard back from us, please be patient. We often receive a high volume of submissions and require additional
time to review them all.


Eligibility Requirements

• All stories must be submitted via the form displayed on our Submit Content for Evaluation form. To submit a story using the form, you will need to complete the requested information for each field. For the “Subject” field, you must enter the title of your story. In the Content Submission area, you will paste in the text content for your story.

• The text content of your story must be entered directly into the Contact form. We do not accept attachments for text or pdf files.

• When submitting your story, we kindly ask that you complete all of the appropriate details to make your story easy to organize within the site. Within this section, you will see three separate empty fields entitled: “Title”, “Description” and “Keywords (comma separated)”. This is where you will type in the details.

Completing this information accurately is extremely important because it helps us to better organize the content. Here is brief explanation of the details:

  1. Title – This is the most important piece of information. The Title should be a single, concise sentence that summarizes the article (it should also be less than
    60 characters in length). To determine the best title, you should ask yourself… “What would I search for on Google to find this story”? Or, more simply put, “What is this story about”. The Title should be succinct and use relevant keywords.
  2. Description – The description is a 1-2 sentence “marketing pitch” for this specific piece of content. When writing your description, think about it from this perspective… “If someone found my story on Google, what would that 1-2 sentences need to say to convince them to click on the link”?
  3. Keywords – Similar to tags, you should choose 5-7 keywords that you think best describe your post. In other words, choose some words that you think people would search for that would bring about your post as a result. Please use commas to separate these words.

• Any characters engaging in sexual activity that are featured in your story must be over the age of 18. Any story containing characters that are minors will not be accepted.

• Do do not submit any content that might be considered abusive, obscene, illegal, defamatory or racist. Subject matter of this nature will not be considered
for publication.

• Submissions that are commercial or advertorial in content are not acceptable. This includes, but is not limited to: advertisements, sales letters, promotional
copy, or stories with blatant/excessive self-promotion.

• We will not publish reprints of stories that have been previously published in other magazines or websites.

• We feature stories that are between 500 and 10,000 words in length. While our absolute minimum is 500 words, we definitely prefer stories a little longer than that.

• Your story must NOT include any links to outbound sites.

• The title of your story must NOT contain any URLs or have HTML tags of any kind.

• Please make sure to carefully check your story for spelling and grammar errors prior to submission. Stories containing excessive errors will not be accepted.


Submitted Image Requirements

• We encourage you to submit an image along with the text of your story. Images must be included as file attachments. (jpeg, png, gif are acceptable image file formats)

• Any images that are submitted must be done so as an accompaniment to a story. Images sent alone will not be considered for review.

• Please review the quality of the image before submitting. Images that are blurry, pixelated, poorly lit, or those that are of general poor quality, likely will not be accepted for publication.

• Please do not send links to images or image galleries. These links will be disregarded and deleted from your story.

• The image you submit must belong to you. We will not publish any images taken from other sources.

• Please make sure your images have been appropriately resized for use on the web and are in jpg, png or .gif formats. The optimal size for images is under 900px in width.

• Do not submit any images that contain illegal, violent or abusive imagery. We will not consider any such content for publication.



• You must be the sole author of the content submitted to us. Please do not send stories written by others, plagiarized content, or stories based on existing works. If there is a claim that someone else owns all or part of the intellectual property rights in the content, we will review the content and may remove it from our site if necessary.

• You will retain the copyright of the story but will grant Letters For Play the exclusive posting rights when your story is published.

• If you decide that you would no longer like your story to appear on the site, you have the right to request that the content be removed. Please email us directly at with your removal request and we will promptly take it down.

Now that you have read the guidelines, feel free to submit your story by visiting our Submit Content for Evaluation form.

By providing submissions to us, you confirm that agree with these terms.