About Us

All in the Family

The company was created as a family-owned venture more than thirty-five years ago and remains a close-knit family run business today. Our notion to offer our readers provocative letters was first born into the newsstand print publishing arena in 1979.

It was the Sexual Revolution – a time of sexual liberation that challenged the traditional, and increased acceptance of sex outside of conventional heterosexual, monogamous relationships. And we were happy to share in this erotic literary movement with other entrepreneur publishers including Playboy and Penthouse Forum magazines.

Our Publishers

Where We’ve Been

Until recently, our letters were distributed solely through newsstands and subscriptions in cities across the world. When we first came up with the idea to create a publication devoted entirely to creative letters written by our readers, we weren’t sure how well it would be received. Judging by our reader’s overwhelming responses at the time, we knew it was an idea that had legs…. a theory that has been substantiated time and time again.

Where We’re Going

Although we’ve been in the business of erotica for quite some time, we’ve recently taken a modern leap and transitioned from traditional newsstand print publishing to an entirely digital format.

Feedback from our readers told us that the ability to read letters and explore fantasies on mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) is important to them. As a result, our website has been created and built from the ground up with this need in mind.

And, by bringing our material to you digitally, we anticipate you’ll have the control and flexibility you need to pursue your sexual fantasies and erotic dreams in the safest and most comfortable settings of your choice. We feel confident this is a concept that will be greatly embraced.

Why Our Mission is to Take You with Us

As an established publisher of erotic literature, we remain as excited as ever to offer you multiple windows into a world of sexual excitement via personal letters from our readers focusing on practically every variation of your desires.

At the inception of our publication, our readers were the launch pad to the success of our brand. Today, as a thriving business, our readers remain more valuable than ever in keeping our brand fresh, new, exciting, and constantly pushing the envelope of sexual expression.

You are the drivers… We are merely the vehicle… We look forward to continuing our journey together.